BLFS 6.1 (chapter 4)

Torsten Vollmann Torsten at
Thu Sep 15 19:29:00 PDT 2005

Thomas Pegg wrote:

> The best thing is to notify the blfs devs that the wrong version is on
> anduin, as that's where syncs it's files from.

> Once this package is updated on anduin this won't be necessary, as it
> will be in .tar.bz2 format on there. So I did not apply this part.

But the book has a link to a gz file...

> Ok with this I did not apply because I do not want this done yet. Why is
> because as part of the profile release process url's in the wget list
> are changed from SVN to book-version-number in this case 6.1 only after
> the branch for that version is created. This way after each release
> within trunk the url paths don't have to keep getting changed between
> BLFS/SVN and BLFS/version-number. Now if an incorrect package version is
> listed please do change those and submit them, but please leave all urls
> pointing to BLFS/SVN and not to BLFS/6.1.

OK. Another reason for getting rid of wget lists...

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