Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Sep 12 16:13:11 PDT 2005

M.Canales.es wrote:
> Very nice work :-)

Thank you. :) It's been a lot of fun so far.

> Some comments:
> .- Why has been added the -v switch to the xsltproc command? The build.log 
> file created contains only libxsl/xsltproc debugging info not very useful 
> except for XSLT depuration and optimization.

Just got carried away, I guess. If it's not necessary or useful, we can 
take it out. Btw, Manuel I can't remember, do you have write access to 
the ALFS svn repo? If so you could make changes like this as you see fit 
(providing an explanation, of course. ;) ).

> .- The file creation using "cat  ... EOF" don't work as-is on a Makefile. The 
> lines that should be dumped to the output file are actually executed, and 
> then the build boom with a "EOF: command not found".

Yeah, I figured that might be the case. I'm aware there's several 
caveats like this we have to think through if we want to use 'make'. My 
main reason for choosing make as a build method is for it's ability to 
pick up where it left off in cases of errors or user interruption.

> .- We need to figure-out how to manage the text that must be edited by the 
> user. That could require some small changes in the book sources to can create 
> build variables from that text (for replaceable text inside bild commands) or 
> to create the actual files pointing the user to edit they before run 
> "make" (for fstab, menu.lst, bootscripts configuration files, etc..)

Sounds fine to me. I think Archaic had some comments about trying to get 
more data into the the LFS books for use in automation, but I'll let him 
speak on that.

> .- A "make clean-build" to remove the lfs user and home directory, the tools 
> directory and symlink, and the touched files, may be useful to can re-run the 
> Makefile from scratch.

Yep. In fact, (though there could still be some improvements made) I'm 
trying to base much of this concept on what we currently have in the 
livecd build system. I was definitely hoping to put in other useful 

Thanks for the feedback!


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