[RFC] Adding package/patch urls directly into the profiles

Thomas Pegg thomasp at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Sep 12 14:54:57 PDT 2005

This was discussed on this list once before, though I can't seem to find
the thread to see what became of it. But since I was thinking of it I
thought I would bring it up again.

Basically this involves adding a few new elements to the profile. 
In a nutshell a new block like this would be added to each package:
<stage name="Downloading"> (Maybe this could be Download and Check)

One thing to note, since the download element supports the <digest> tag
this means that all digest checking will be moved from the <unpack>
elements to the <download> elements.

By doing this it would allow downloading packages as the profile
progresses, especially useful for package upgrades. This also has an
added feature of being able to dp digest checking against patch files. 

This also has a potential for being a replacement for the wget lists,
however this will only be possible if a new version of nALFS is released
that incorporates Jamie's recent changes to be able to pass a flag to
nALFS and have it just download the packages and not build anything.

Another thing, since the download element will support multiple url
elements, it may be possible to include the official download url's for
packages in addition to the ftp mirror url's.

Comments, thoughts???
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