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hlfs at linux2themax.com hlfs at linux2themax.com
Wed Sep 7 22:44:16 PDT 2005

I have sent Joachim the profile to be included in svn.  It appears im having problems with the environment not being set properly.  chap5 gcc is not getting properly patched/made.  it does not include ssp when perl is being made it errors with -fno-stack-protector unrectognised by gcc.  

chap6 the $target env variable is not working properly for gcc or binutils.  I have tried to modify it to get it to work and nomatter what it errors.  I had to manualy run config in a chroot with the env set proper.  

checking target system type... Invalid configuration `'i686-tools-linux-gnu│
'': machine `'i686-tools' not recognized 


checking host system type... i686-tools-linux-gnu

The bottem one was done manualy the top one was set in the profile.  when i had it follow the books method i would get -m)-tools...  not recognised option.  from $(uname -m)-tools-linux-gnu.

currently a fiew minor errors are left besides the environment issues.  some of the packages dont like make -j settings and were removed. i may have missed  a couple still though. It may also work once the the environment works proper.  

the tests also have to be fixed.  remove text dumps and replace with skel files.  one or 2 gcc/glibc tests cause errors inside of the profile. 


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