nALFS Syntax Query

John Lane lfs at
Tue Oct 25 14:06:23 PDT 2005

Good evening. I received no replies to my question last night, so I have
worked around the problem. I don't think this is particularly elegant but it
gets the job done. If there is a nice way to do this then I'd be interested
in pointers. If there isn't then could a solution be considered for a future
nALFS version?

What I wanted to do:
     <search_replace base="/etc/openldap">
        <execute command='/usr/sbin/slappasswd -h {SSHA} -s &root-passwd;'

What I had to do:
      <execute command="/bin/sed">
         <param>-e "s%\[SLAP_PASSWD\]%`/usr/sbin/slappasswd -h {SSHA} -s


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