LFS 6.1 Problem with Bison

John Lane lfs at jelweb.com
Sun Oct 16 13:54:53 PDT 2005

Hi, I was building 6.1 using nALFS and it fell over at Bison 2.0.

It would appear that the bz2 package for Bison is corrupt - it does not have
the entire directory tree in it, just "usr". I downloaded it from several
sources including gnu. The MD5sum is correct.

The gz version is ok, however.

The nALFS6.1-1 package uses the bz2 and hence falls over because, once
expanded into tools/build the expected bison-2.0 directory is not there. I
had to mod it to use the gz to make it work.

That is, unless I'm missing something and doing something wrong?

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