SVN HLFS profile funny business

Kendrick hlfs at
Sun Oct 9 14:46:52 PDT 2005

Thomas Pegg wrote:

> Sorry for the late reply on this, it appears that somehow the files
> are in dos/windows format and not unix/linux format. Thus the shell
> is seeing the incorrect lineendings and is misinterpeting them. I
> just tried here and it gives me the same as what you got
> above.
> Looks like I need to run all the files through dos2unix. -- Thomas
> LFS User : 4729 / Linux User : 298329 kitt - Powered by: Linux
> 12:52:13 up 17 days, 4:36, 5 users, load average: 0.00,
> 0.04, 0.07
is ok I understand how it goes.. ;)  I do/did about 3/4 development in
windows primarly in phped but also used notepad... the odd thing about
it was the first co worked well then after that it didnt.. meh who
knows..  probably have to do that to all the stuff i send...  after i
get the hlfs profile working I plan to build a desktop build then i
should be alot further along the linux path ;)


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