[PATCH] yet another patch for ABLFS

Jasmine Iwanek iwanek at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Oct 4 16:32:08 PDT 2005

last one for the night ;-)

btw the following prigrams md5's arnt in the profile:

ch04.ent - mitkrb-1.4.1
ch04.ent - stunnel-4.11
ch09.ent - fribidi-0.10.5
ch10.ent - tidy_src_050722
ch10.ent - tidy_docs_050705
ch12.ent - doxygen-1.4.3
ch14.ent - dhclient-iproute2-patch
ch16.ent - libpcap-0.9.3
ch20.ent - fetchmail-
ch22.ent - postfix-2.2.5
ch29.ent - kde-i18n-en_GB (dunno if the md5 should be in the profile...)

Jasmine Iwanek
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