silverspurg at comcast.net silverspurg at comcast.net
Mon Oct 3 22:53:11 PDT 2005

When I was in high school I was introduced to the concept of logical 
programming and structures.  I remember very clearly the physical drawing 
of each and every loop on graph paper to represent programming structure.

In the spirit of the strict programming model I have written Vowel, which 
is a "As close to the book as you can possibly get" LFS installer.  It's a 
BASH script.  I should work with any BASH compatible shell.  It will 
install a full LFS system.  It's called Vowel.

Vowel works on a task list much like a user would work on the book. 
That's Vowel's intent--to mimic a user following the book.  Vowel has a 
sequence list (a small database) and individual instructions for each and 
every package.

Why is Vowel neat?  Because it would be possible to make Vowel into 
Cross-LFS in less than 30 minutes.  Vowel happily automates the 
installation of tarballs.  That's what Vowel does.

You don't know Vowel?  Of course not.  You're not an IRC zombie.  If you 
want to know Vowel http://home.comcast.net/~ssg_vlfs/ and look for the 
Linuxfromscratch link.

Vowel has been in conceptual design for over 5 years.  Vowel know's what 
it's doing.


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