New design, what is the Goal here?

Kendrick alfs at
Tue Nov 29 15:24:02 PST 2005

rl at wrote:

> I can see the advantage of automating network installs.
>I cannot see the advantage of creating yet another network 
>authentication protocol.
Is openssh's key system available in source?  the system to create
signed email/html is that available from source?  Unless I missed
somthing some where, I havent seen an agreement on what type or how the
authentication will be done so this seems a bit premature IMO.  I dont
see why we cant use some known good system for this purpose.  I know krb
tickets wouldent work well for home users but that was just  one of the
suggestions.  I would suspect some sort of ssl/ssh based auth would be
redily avalible on 99% of the systems. Afik, a method to include that in
our project is already redily available, I dont know how hard to
intigrate those will be.  I would suspect though that if nothing else
somthing out there already could be redily adapted when that time comes.

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