jhalfs on an NFS partition

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Tue Nov 29 08:35:40 PST 2005

Richard A Downing wrote:

> I'm really pleased with jhalfs.  For a slow old box (200Mhz - 32mb) 
like this, it's ideal - add lots of swap, start 'nice' in the
background, leave it thrashing for a week until the job's done.
The next interesting job will be getting it from the nfs mounted
partition to the 4G harddrive - I suspect a screwdriver job there
if I can find a spare ide connector in my workstation.

  For some reason your mail client isn't wrapping outgoing messages.
It's not a problem for me when reading, only replies.

  Back to topic.

  I have built LFS and deleted unnecessary things for a relatively
minimal system.  I didn't try very hard, but I got it down to abut 200M
pretty easily.  You could do the same and just tar the files on the nfs
partition and copy it over to a relatively small partition on the 4G
drive.  No screwdriver necessary.

  As a note, I normally deviate from LFS slightly in that I have a
separate /boot partition.  I generally don't bother to update grub on
the system, but only have to copy the kernel and System.map to /boot and
update /boot/grub/grub.conf.  This makes recovery in the case of a boot
problem much easier.

  -- Bruce

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