New design, what is the Goal here?

Subhash Chandra mr.subhash at
Mon Nov 28 22:03:42 PST 2005

> Create an LFS system with everything you need on one partition.
> tar --one-file-system -cf lfs.tar /mnt/lfs
> scp lfs.tar remote:
> ssh remote
> tar -C /mnt/lfs --strip-components=2 -xpf ~/lfs.tar
> .....................


Did I mention that she has the latest pc config I can find no where in
the boys dorms. I don't know much about compatibility and stuff. So
either I have to dig deeper into clfs or build one on her pc keeping
it that way.

> You should get the idea.

Yup, I already have that in mind. May be I'll try it this week end for
the time being, before this thing is developed.

║I don't know how much of what I say is true ║

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