New design, what is the Goal here?

Subhash Chandra mr.subhash at
Mon Nov 28 19:01:58 PST 2005

On 11/29/05, Bruce Dubbs <bdubbs at> wrote:
> Actually, I have also been trying to understand the rationale for the
> remote build.  When I had several identical systems to build, I built
> one, tarred everything up, scp'ed the tarball, untarred, edited needed
> files (ip address, hostname, etc) and rebooted.  Worked fine.
> Rebuilding for every system seems to be a bit of overkill.  Copying
> seems to be the way to go.
> The only things I can see that would differ on different machines (of
> similar architecture) are a few config files and maybe the kernel.

I don't know about multiple builds but remote build is definitely
needed. I have a friend to whome I would like to build an LFS system.
She is a real newbie and don't know much. Now the situation is that I
can't go to girl's dorms :P. And I hate to do a line by line install
on ssh. I would definitely like to have a remote build. Yeah, there
are many more alternatives. But this is one of them isn't it?

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