New design, what is the Goal here?

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Mon Nov 28 16:38:48 PST 2005

pak_lfs at wrote:
> rl at wrote:
>>I still do not get this client/server tool with secure authentication
>>all done with custom code. NFS and ssh can do the work.
> Yes, I suppose that you can also build LFS by hand every time too.
> The whole point is, could we make it *easier*? E.g., in your case,
> wouldn't it be nicer to:
> * install alfsd in machines 2-6.
> * run the client: login to machines 2-6.
> * say/select: build LFS
> * let it work.
> * restore your machine7 to prove backups work.
> what do you think?  What if you also had this convenience when updating?
> (at least for me convenience counts, that 's how I find the time to post  to
>  such interesting mailing lists as this one.)

Actually, I have also been trying to understand the rationale for the
remote build.  When I had several identical systems to build, I built
one, tarred everything up, scp'ed the tarball, untarred, edited needed
files (ip address, hostname, etc) and rebooted.  Worked fine.

Rebuilding for every system seems to be a bit of overkill.  Copying
seems to be the way to go.

The only things I can see that would differ on different machines (of
similar architecture) are a few config files and maybe the kernel.

  -- Bruce

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