New project name.

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Mon Nov 28 15:16:20 PST 2005

Στις Δευ 28 Νοε 2005 23:58, ο/η Mark έγραψε:
> Is there an official name for this project yet?  I've seen ALFS, nALFS,
> alfs and (x)alfs.

It is alfs. (x)alfs was the title I put to a design proposal to show that
it was just food for thought, nobody wants to force this design upon people.
ALFS was just a specification for a "profile language" to be implemented by
all ALFS-project tools. nALFS was an implementation of ALFS.
But the official version of whatever comes out of this project will be called

> If there isn't, may I suggest RBLFS or RLFS (to keep with the four
> letter practise) for Remote Build Linux From Scratch.  It seems to me
> this isn't just about automating the build anymore, but doing it
> remotely.  And it doesn't sound like it will work on a standalone system
> with out some work.

It is *both* about remote builds *and* better/more maintainable automation
at the same time. Don't mind much about the remote builds, if several people
don't want them we could make them optional. If you only want automation
then only contribute your (implementable) ideas for this part, please.


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