alfs authentication protocol: requirements

pak_lfs at pak_lfs at
Mon Nov 28 14:35:47 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> For example, perhaps you start the build from a
> client running on one machine. You have to leave for a bit, but later
> want to connect via another machine and see the progress. This should be
> a possibility.

If you need this feature, then please hold on to that thought, since it
probably doesn't have to do much with authentication.

If you leave for a bit, the connection doesn't close and you start
another authentication session from another host, then you will probably
be rejected (assumption of only one client at a time). To overcome
this, we could maybe allow "feedback only" connections by several
clients simultaneously, but now things start to get a bit harder

There is also the scenario where you just specify (via the appropriate
message) that alfsd should go to "batch" or "disconnected" mode.
In this mode, alfsd closes the session, continues its job and sends the logs
to a file. Then, when you  connect again, maybe you could ask for feedback
and it would do the equivalent of a "tail -f logfile | socket".

In both cases, the two different clients make two different sessions,
so authentication-wise there shouldn't be any problem assuming you
have the private key/know the password.

My recommendation though would be to not keep your private key
in many places, unless its your home or something, you never know :)


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