New design, what is the Goal here?

Mark mark at
Mon Nov 28 12:52:39 PST 2005

I've been trolling the ALFS threads since September so I might have
missed something or just plain got lost in the communications.  But what
is the overall goal of the new design being suggested?

It sounds like to me a Client/Server system is being purposed that would
allow us to setup LFS installs on a remote computer.  Sounds neat, but
why?  I've setup 5 computers now with ALFS.  I did my first install
under a RedHat distro, after that  I did 3 install with the LFS Live
CD.  The other 2 systems are only Pentium processors and they can't boot
off CD (really old, but work great).  So for those, I installed the
drives in my builder system and did a cross build.  Once I had the drive
setup for boot I then reinstalled it in the other computer.  Worked great. 
They only reason I could see doing a Client/Server like install would be
if I wanted to do more then one computer at a time.  But then why
wouldn't I just build one drive and then copy the image to each drive on
the other systems?  I can see flaws with my suggestion, like the trouble
of removing drives or using a tool like Norton Ghost for the images. 
But there are a few problems with remote builds also.

I'm not trying to be negative about the project and the suggestions. 
I've really enjoy using LFS and all it's sub-projects, and would like to
contribute to the project.  I just don't understand the goal and overall
benefit of the suggestions.  I've only seen technical suggestions on
implementation at this time, not about design concepts.


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