alfs: next aspect to code?

pak_lfs at pak_lfs at
Mon Nov 28 05:28:01 PST 2005

Subhash Chandra wrote:
> i would suggest to go for authentication.
> That doesn't need discussion about the design aspect and would be a
> trouble later on when the project grows bigger.

I agree that discussions for the authentication/session establishment protocol
could progress simultaneously with the discussions about the higher level
communication and the new profile language/format.

So, since I had some free time today, I 'm starting two new threads, one
with my assumptions about the environment alfs will work in and one with
my requirements from it.

It would be nice if everybody added their own/ stated which requirements of
mine are a non-issue for you/ which of these assumptions don't hold in your
case. This way, we could provide a design that could actually be used.


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