alfs: next aspect to code?

Thomas Pegg thomasp at
Sat Nov 26 19:30:35 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hey Guys,

> alfs connects to alfsd and then prompts for input. (Try entering a 
> command with some extended output, like 'ps aux' :) )

Works pretty nicely except that the output gets cut off after a bit, may 
be something to look into.

> So my question is, what's next? What should be the next aspect we try to 
> incorporate?

Not really a code aspect, but more of a design aspect, maybe the next 
would be to decide what kind of information and how is that information 
going to be transferred between the client and server. I think this 
should be concentrated on for now so we can figure out how to handle the 
various interactions between client and server, such as handling the 
older xml profiles, profiles in a potentially new format, 
authentication, etc.


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