nALFS improvement

Filip Bartmann filbar at
Sat Nov 26 01:01:17 PST 2005

I have some idea about nALFS. Why nALFS use specialized profiles, when
the information which is in profiles is in (B)LFS books?
I think that there in only need to small reworking of books. In books
need to be reworked the part with dependencies of packages to the
syntaction which can uderstand nALFS. The tag userinput can look for
configure stage <userinput=configure>./configure
--prefix=/usr</userinput> for make
<userinput=installing>make</userinput>. The optional sections can be
labelwed <userinput=optional>. In this case can user interface of nALFS
be very similar to now-the packages can have stages and sections. In
this case can be packages downloaded from original sites too. The other
parts witch text could nALFS ignore.
What think you?
I know, that there is jhalfs tool, but if I know this tool haven't
userinterface like nALFS, and jhalfs can't parse only part of book like
Filip Bartmann

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