SUMMARY: alfs direction

Kendrick alfs at
Fri Nov 25 21:57:49 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> wrote:
> [snip]
> Yes, that's good. :) Except that it would almost be better done as
> individual files, like:
> 028-gcc-pass1.configure
> 028-gcc-pass1.make
> 028-gcc-pass1.install
> So that they could be called and sent individually.
> -- 
> JH

heres a ? for a advanced issue.  Gerard has expressed his original
intent for alfs was to beable to admin a "domain" of boxes.  with that
thought brings up an issue.  extended example making sasl.  you can add
support for krb, ldap, mysql?, etc  In a domain it would be adventagous
to have these able to be added easily to the buld/profile..   A) would
it be posible to pick those options from the source and ask the user do
you want it.  B) in profile form would it be posible to parse options
for packages so during profile setup for that paticular machine.. you
could say check the option of adding ldap  or modifying the prefix for
that machine/group's profile. ( more thought, its probably a profile
editor question ) I know this is more of a ui issue and may be beyond
the scope of the project but it was somthing i was wondering about. I
didnt know if this was somthing that needed to be tought/planned for now
so we dont need a ugly hack/rewrite later.

another question is will the sources be stored on the client machine and
the server's download if nessasary the files from there?  kinda like MS
remote install where you pop a profile in and it goes to the profile
server and gets what it needs. 

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