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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Nov 25 14:59:37 PST 2005

pak_lfs at wrote:
> Each host will be slightly different than the others (e.g., different IP), so 
> by storing the profiles on the server you could have a slightly different 
> profile collection on each remote host (a slight difference in apache 
> 'configure' for example), but you just need to broadcast 'execute apach 
> configure' to all and each will *do the right thing*, without imposing extra
> "smarts" to the client *or* the server (the code is in the profiles where it 
> belongs).

There is one downside. One of the things we will support is multiple 

If you want to change your instructions for a package, you now have to 
upload those to every system under your management. Some systems might 
be slightly different, but a lot is the same.

If you store profile copies on every system, you need to update them all 
whenever you want to upgrade a package. If you keep one copy local that 
the client uses, you only update one script and every system that you 
maintain will automatically use those changes.

It's less work that way.

Gerard Beekmans

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