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Fri Nov 25 12:47:39 PST 2005

El Viernes, 25 de Noviembre de 2005 21:42, Jeremy Huntwork escribió:
> Thomas Pegg wrote:
> > I think it's a good format that gives you control similar to what is
> > currently in the xml based profiles, but without the xml.
> Yeah, I like this. The trouble would lie in how to parse the LFS book to
> do that. :)

Something like this?

set -e

unpack {

configure {
mkdir -v ../gcc-build
cd ../gcc-build
../gcc-4.0.2/configure --prefix=/tools \
     --with-local-prefix=/tools --disable-nls --enable-shared \

make {
make bootstrap

test {

install {
make install
ln -vs gcc /tools/bin/cc


Don't look very hard ;-)

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