SUMMARY: alfs direction

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Fri Nov 25 12:16:50 PST 2005

Thomas Pegg wrote:
> On thing on about using XML for the profiles, I've begun to not like it 
> myself which why I've stopped using it for my own purposes short of 
> doing updates for the profiles and making sure everything works as it 
> should within the profiles. But an idea to consider for a potential new 
> format might be something similar to gentoo's ebuilds, which in most 
> ways are just shell functions in a text file.

I don't think I've looked that closely at gentoo's files, so I don't 
know exactly what you mean, but jhalfs employs something that's probably 
similar. When it extracts the commmands in the book, they end up looking 
something like this:

set -e

mkdir -v ../gcc-build
cd ../gcc-build
../gcc-4.0.2/configure --prefix=/tools \
     --with-local-prefix=/tools --disable-nls --enable-shared \
make bootstrap
make install
ln -vs gcc /tools/bin/cc

The variable PKGDIR is the name of the unpacked directory for that 
particular package. That variable is set via the unpacking of the 
tarball before the above scriptlet is run. If you wanted to have finer 
control over the build process (like isolating the configure, make and 
install parts) it would take some rethinking.


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