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Fri Nov 25 10:53:18 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hey Guys,

> 3) Gerard has already demonstrated the simplicity of establishing a
> connection. At this point I feel it should be decided exactly *what*
> will be communicated, and in what format. I'm also getting strongly the
> impression that XML is not well liked (at least not for LFS profiles),
> so we can look at other formats, perhaps shell snippets to send. Once we
> have determined *what* will be sent, we can then finish designing how
> exactly the server will listen and handle the *what* that's been sent.
> All of this could be done in plain text, or in a very simple XML format
> that describes commands for the daemon, but the actual LFS execution
> commands are always in shell script or plain text.

Generally agreed. The most interesting (read hard) issues IMO are what
will be communicated, the language/framework in which to write profiles
and where will the  profiles be stored, in the client, the server, or both.

Thanks for the summary!

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