client <-> server interaction in C

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Nov 23 13:25:29 PST 2005

rl at wrote:
> You have the first spokes in the wheel of ucspi-tcp:

I checked out that project. It seems like it would do what we need it to 
do, to a point of course. It then wants to starts a remote program which 
would be our alfs-server application.

I'm now wondering if it wouldn't be nicer to just make that server app 
network aware like we have been talking about. It saves having to have a 
second package installed and running.

Ideally I would like the alfs tools to do it all without too many 
library or program dependencies. Installing ALFS shouldn't become 
annoying by having to first install the right versions of the right 

We may not have a choice. If we stay with XML for example, we'll have to 
use libxml of course. It makes no sense making our own XML parser -- 
that's way too much work. In such cases I'm tempted to bundle our ALFS 
tool with libxml and have the build system build the bundled libxml 
version if the user desires. It saves time and there's only one download 
to perform.

What do you guys think of this?

Gerard Beekmans

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