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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Nov 23 11:50:32 PST 2005

> I was not fully realising the build from ground up point.  last i had
> heard it was going to be nalfs2.0 though i may have missed som stuff due
> to my move. 

nALFS was a product by Neven Has. He isn't maintaining nor developing it 
anymore. The next generation of an ALFS program requires features that 
cannot easily be added to nALFS last time I checked. A from-scratch 
implementation is the best thing to do.

Also, the tool will be called plain "alfs" or something to that effect. 
There will be two components to it so we may come up with better names, 
or perhaps simply alfs and alfsd.

Either way, the new tool will most likely not be based on the nALFS code 
base. We'll be smart to use portions of it, of course, where we can.

Gerard Beekmans

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