Newbie questions

Kendrick alfs at
Wed Nov 23 10:55:34 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> Kendrick wrote:
>> I wouldent say that,  it has had lack of programmers not lack of
>> intrest.  There are a fiew now that will be able to do somthing with it
>> that are getting involved now/again.   jhalfs is a specific tool. its
>> made for the book parsing specificly and only.  nalfs ideal is to be a
> Not only parsing, but parsing into a buildable form and then executing
> the build. It is a fully functional build tool although it lacks some
> of the bells and whistles of nALFS.
Sorry about not being clear... I was thinking from a profile stand
point.  jhlfs is not made to have a profile base,  ergo you would not be
able to easily buld a automated custom lfs system.  if you wanted
somthing different you would have to make up your own lfsbook and point
jhlfs to that.  if i understand how jhlfs works. Im purely thinking from
a automated standpoint.  granted the current nalfs program some times
seems like that its self. 

> The plans we are drawing up for the next tool are not going to be
> based on nALFS, they will as much as possible be re-designed from
> scratch. That's why the name 'alfs' was chosen instead of something
> like nALFS2
> -- 
> JH

I was not fully realising the build from ground up point.  last i had
heard it was going to be nalfs2.0 though i may have missed som stuff due
to my move. 

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