Newbie questions

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Nov 23 09:11:15 PST 2005

Kendrick wrote:
> I wouldent say that,  it has had lack of programmers not lack of
> intrest.  There are a fiew now that will be able to do somthing with it
> that are getting involved now/again.   jhalfs is a specific tool. its
> made for the book parsing specificly and only.  nalfs ideal is to be a

Not only parsing, but parsing into a buildable form and then executing 
the build. It is a fully functional build tool although it lacks some of 
the bells and whistles of nALFS.

> network admin's tool as well as a home user.  you would be able to
> install/maintain a whole network with nalfs or just your home machine. 
> these are still goals, how ever nalfs is at the point where those goals
> are next on the list of todo.

Er, no. You've been misunderstanding the talk, seemingly. nALFS is the 
original tool that's still in use, created by Neven Has (hence the 'n').

The plans we are drawing up for the next tool are not going to be based 
on nALFS, they will as much as possible be re-designed from scratch. 
That's why the name 'alfs' was chosen instead of something like nALFS2


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