Newbie questions

Kendrick alfs at
Wed Nov 23 09:08:12 PST 2005

> However, from the discussions recently on this list, I would guess
> that nALFS doesn't have a long term future and that the script based
> system or a new client/server based system will take its place in time...
> Hope this helps.
> Alan
I wouldent say that,  it has had lack of programmers not lack of
intrest.  There are a fiew now that will be able to do somthing with it
that are getting involved now/again.   jhalfs is a specific tool. its
made for the book parsing specificly and only.  nalfs ideal is to be a
network admin's tool as well as a home user.  you would be able to
install/maintain a whole network with nalfs or just your home machine. 
these are still goals, how ever nalfs is at the point where those goals
are next on the list of todo. 

Jeremy's scripts work great for what they are.  following the book
exactly.  many people will do well with just that.   there is also many
more who will need much more. 

As for the xml you dont need to learn xml for this.  you need to
understand the syntax used in the profile.  grab your self one and look
at the dtd doc on the alfs site.  between those 2 you will beable to
understand for the most part how a profile works.  i still get stuck on
some of the syntax and such but that dtd doc is my friend ;)

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