Newbie questions

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Nov 23 03:17:39 PST 2005

David Lyne wrote:
> Hello Alan


> I was hoping (in time) to add some BLFS stuff. However on the basis of 
> all the replies, for now I shall download nALFS and study the profiles 
> and see if I can understand what's going on.
>> However, from the discussions recently on this list, I would guess 
>> that nALFS doesn't have a long term future and that the script based 
>> system or a new client/server based system will take its place in time...
> I assume that this statement would apply to hjalfs as well?

jhalfs is useful as a quick way to build and test the current version of 
LFS. It parses and runs the commands straight from the book so there's 
no profiles to maintain. If the alfs client/server system will also 
eventually do the same thing then there wouldn't be much need for jhalfs 
anymore. But that seems a ways off yet. In the meantime I think jhalfs 
will see some active development.


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