Newbie questions

David Lyne davelargeuk2 at
Wed Nov 23 03:11:00 PST 2005

Hello Alan

  > Editing the nALFS profiles is a bit (very) tedious and is also error
> prone... Although it does enable you to customise your build exactly the 
> way you want it including adding BLFS bits and other stuff just for you.

I was hoping (in time) to add some BLFS stuff. However on the basis of 
all the replies, for now I shall download nALFS and study the profiles 
and see if I can understand what's going on.

> However, from the discussions recently on this list, I would guess that 
> nALFS doesn't have a long term future and that the script based system 
> or a new client/server based system will take its place in time...

I assume that this statement would apply to hjalfs as well?

Thanks for your help everyone.

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