Newbie questions

David Lyne davelargeuk2 at
Wed Nov 23 02:29:54 PST 2005


A few questions from a newbie to ALFS, if you'll humour me.

I have built several LFSs, and I like the control that they give me so 
much that I can't see that I'll go back to any standard distro again. 
However, as the frontpage of the ALFS website says, I am finding 
building each LFS rather time consuming. So, I'd like to look at using ALFS.

1) The message that I get from the website is that nALFS is the way to 
go. Is this right?

2) I don't know XML. Is this a problem? Can you recommend some reading 
material so that I can start to learn?

3) Would I be right in thinking that the User Guide for nALFS is not 
likely to be completed any time soon?

Hmm. I'm a bit hestiant about sending this mail. Not sure why, but my 
apologies in advance if I'm asking the wrong questions, or if I'm asking 
questions in the wrong place. Otherwise, many thanks in advance for your 


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