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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Nov 22 10:52:21 PST 2005

Roger Merchberger wrote:
> Rumor has it that Gerard Beekmans may have mentioned these words:

Rumors are wrong ;)

> RAMdisk. Ever *swap floppies* just to compile a 4-line program? It ain't 
> fun. ]]

No I can't say I've ever done that. I remember floppies in general. Not 
fun. Try to install an OS from floppies just to find floppy 12 of 20 is 
damaged and can't be read. Great fun.

> Not really intended to say much - just thought I'd "share with the 
> group." ;-)

Thanks for your input, Roger.

Your Python code is probably as cryptic to me as C code is to you. In 
the end that can't be helped. Everybody prefers their language of choice.

I can see benefits from a scripting language in that it saves having to 
recompile every time you make a change. C is kind of annoying for that. 
I'm not concerned with speed penalties of scripted languages (perl and 
python seem to be our two most supported choices) vs. C or C++.

I don't think we can really make a choice based on which is more 
powerful. All languages get the job done. In the end it's a matter of 
preference I think.

I don't mind holding a vote, but I can see it happening already: 
everybody prefers their own languages and we don't get anywhere still.

Thomas, what are your thoughts on this? You said you were comfortable 
with both C and Python. Any preference as to what you think the official 
ALFS programs should be coded in?

Gerard Beekmans

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