BLFS profile did something to my VIM

Mark mark at
Mon Nov 21 21:38:16 PST 2005

I used the SVN profile-BLFS.tar.bz1 from Nov 21, 2005.  I only ran
Chapter 3 and my Vim is really acting up.  I've looked everywhere I can
think and compared the setup to another system and I can't find out what
is going on.
The symptoms are
When I press 'i' to insert, no --INSERT-- appears on the last line.  In
insert mode I can't move past the last character.  Pressing 'End' just
makes the current character change case.  This is only a problem in
Vim.  At the console everything works fine.  So even though I think this
is a keyboard mapping issue I can't find where it is coming from.  I
deleted the vimrc files.  I made sure console wasn't loading any strange
KEYMAPs.  I uninstalled Vim and reinstalled clean.  Still don't work.

Any suggestions on where to look?


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