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Thomas Pegg thomasp at
Mon Nov 21 17:47:47 PST 2005

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> I know nothing about Python. C isn't my strongest suit anymore and I 
> could probably manage Perl nicely. Ideally there would be a GUI 
> front-end something slapped up with QT Designer or something, who knows. 
> That's probably running a little ahead of things, but we should look 
> into that too and plan for it.
I'm more the opposite, I pretty good with C and Python, but I know very 
little of perl.
> There are some questions that need answering of course. Do we stick with 
> XML like we use in nALFS for profiles or do away with it. Who does the 
> parsing: the client or the daemon who is doing the actual installing. 
> The daemon could be the dumb app: it receives commands to run to get the 
> job done. The client figures out what those commands should be. This 
> makes it possible, and easy, for the user (us humans) to make changes 
> since you simply cannot install every package the exact same way on 
> every machine.
I'd say stick with XML, but update the syntax, add new commands and such.
> But let me back-up. That's all future talk. If we are to do this, we 
> have to decide on the backend mechanisms first. Since remote admin is 
> desired, a TCP based interface is necessary. A client logs into IP X on 
> Port Y. Then it needs to authenticate itself. That's going to be our 
> step one. A password of some sort would probably be the simplest and we 
> can worry about security (ie: man-in-the-middle attacks) later I imagine.


> So once the connection is established remote alfsd is ready to receive 
> instructions. How are those going to be sent and received. That would be 
> task number two. SOAP was suggested in the past as a possible good fit 
> for this.
> We could always make up our own protocol. Send a start-command-list type 
> string. Then everything that follows could be a plain old shell script. 
> End with an end-command-list string, send an execute-command-list and 
> wait for feedback.

My thought would be to use an established protocol like SOAP or something.

> Just some food for thought.

And good food for thought at that. :)


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