Request status update

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Nov 21 17:42:06 PST 2005

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
>> C is good. Python might be better (a little easier to work with IMO).
> See my previous email, the client application doesn't really matter. 
> Anything should go. Though, we'll have to have an official application 
> that we, the ALFS team, actively maintains and develops of course.
> I have one issue with Python. Well, two actually.
> 1) Keep in mind the Livecd setup. We'll want to run this stuff from the 
> CD too and it doesn't have Python yet. It could be added, but is it 
> required to add such a large package.

Adding Python to the CD wouldn't be a big deal, IMHO. It all gets 
compressed and ATM we don't even have a 400Mb iso. :)

Ok, then what about this: First we decide *how* they will communicate 
and what will be communicated. Then we can choose a language (or two! if 
two people want to start attempting the same thing via different 
languages and then compare...) and work on making communication work.


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