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Thomas Pegg thomasp at
Mon Nov 21 17:31:13 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> You may or may not be aware, but development on alfs stagnated greatly. 
> Mostly because we had no active developers and the combination of 
> features requested seemed too great a task for those of us that were 
> active.

I'd say it came to a grinding halt.
> So I started playing around with concepts. I realized that we really had 
> two major feature requests: one was the parsing of the book into 
> automatable form, and the other was the controlling of remote builds.
> The first one seemed the easier of the two, so since there was *no* 
> development happening on alfs at the moment, I decided to start what I 
> could and jhalfs was born. It wasn't meant to replace alfs, but just so 
> that we could directly build and parse the book and remove the need for 
> the continuing maintenance of profiles.
> jhalfs basically writes a Makefile based on the commands stripped from 
> the LFS book, downloads the sources if you like, and kicks off make on 
> the new Makefile.
>> I still am interested in one of my long standing ideas of remotely 
>> controlling LFS installations. Instead of logging into every machine 
>> to update a package, I'd rather run one app and have it do all the 
>> work for me. Using a program like KDE's Konsole is handy to a point -- 
>> it can duplicate everything you type in one window in all your other 
>> sessions. If your are ssh'ed into different machines, you can do 
>> things easily that way. But it's far from ideal of course.
> I'm also interested in finishing what we started with the alfs concept. 
> But I'm still unsure what direction to take.

So am I, I think what needs to be decided and officially is the language 
to write it in. Once that's known then you might get people interested 
in helping. It's hard to start without knowing what's it's going to be 
written in. Then from there, the direction would be to figure out what 
parts of the system to work on first. My thought would be work on the 
client/server communication so to establish what needs to be sent 
between the client and server to execute commands, etc.

>> So...what will it take? I'm not that good of a programmer to take on 
>> an entire project like this myself.
> Neither are the rest of us, which is why alfs stagnated. We could work 
> on something in C slowly... Otherwise, perhaps we could start working on 
> something in Perl or Python. It's the 'where to start' with this one 
> that flusters me.

C is good. Python might be better (a little easier to work with IMO).


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