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M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Nov 21 13:17:02 PST 2005

El Lunes, 21 de Noviembre de 2005 20:34, Jeremy Huntwork escribió:
> Hi Guys:
> Just wanted to get some discussion on this. As things currently stand,
> there is a jhalfs 0.2 branch waiting to be tagged and released. We'll do
> that as soon as LFS 6.1.1 is finalized and released. When that happens,
> we'll make a tarball of jhalfs available for download, and we'll likely
> include some comments and links on the ALFS website.

Remember that r2196 and r2197 hasn't been merged yet to the 0.2 branch. I'm 
waiting some confirmation beyond me that it works as expected.

> In the meantime, I wanted to get some feedback on what direction(s)
> jhalfs trunk should take. There has been some talk about getting BLFS
> support into jhalfs and, obviously, it would be nice if jhalfs could
> support the HLFS and CLFS books. Granted, any of those additions would
> be a great deal more difficult to set up than LFS has been.

The HLFS base system should be easy to support, is a matter to add a switch to 
select what libc-based-book should be used. The BHLFS packages are like the 
BLFS ones, plus not all dependecies for Xorg are inside the book :-/

CLFS add another variable: boot or chroot. Also, some build variables must be 
set by the user, then maybe a clfs.config file could be imperative. And will 
require a separate stylesheet to generate the scripts.

BLFS is another thing, but maybe not as difficult as look at fisrt glance... 
(brain in work...) 

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