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Wed Nov 16 11:39:57 PST 2005

El Miércoles, 16 de Noviembre de 2005 15:51, Jeremy Huntwork escribió:

> So what I'm proposing is that we add a switch for resuming a build
> already started which will bypass a 'make clean' command. Otherwise the
> default -M switch will first run 'make clean' on the build (removing
> anything like user lfs, group lfs, /tools symlink, etc.) and then start
> the build fresh.
> What say the group?

IMHO, there are several different issues:

.- To skip the full chapter04 run isn't good due that the ability to set $LFS 
to a different dir will be loss, overwriting the /mnt/lfs directory that may 
be present in the host. 

If "mkdir -v $LFS/tools" fails is due that that directory exist and maybe the 
user don't want to loose their content. Then is best to stop the build a let 
the user decide if they want to remove manually $LFS/* or want to set a 
different $LFS directory.

.- On all cases the /tools symlink must to point to the proper directory. Then 
the more easy solution is "rm -f /tools && ln -sv $LFS/tools /".

.- The lfs group and user may be already present in the host. Due that the 
principal target users for jhalfs are editors and testers, is very possible 
that that will happens. 

In that cases we should to skip  the "groupadd .. && useradd ..." commands, 
but we must yet to ensure a clean build environment creating a new ~/.bashrc 
file and removing a possible ~/.bash_profile file (due that it break the 
Makefile run on some hosts). 

Not sure how to handle that. The user may want to have again their original 
lfs user ~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_profile files (due that are cunstomized to 
have the environment required to build an test BLFS packages, for example), 
then it should be restored after finished the chapter05 build (or the full 

.- All the above implies that the Makefile's chapter04 commands should be 
differents in some degree from the ones in the LFS book, making the use of 
the crude scripts dumped hard.

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