jhalfs feedback

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Wed Nov 16 08:13:58 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> So what I'm proposing is that we add a switch for resuming a build
> already started which will bypass a 'make clean' command. Otherwise the
> default -M switch will first run 'make clean' on the build (removing
> anything like user lfs, group lfs, /tools symlink, etc.) and then start
> the build fresh.

The system does not now automatically run any clean target.  The -M
switch only runs `make` and that runs the target all which does not
include clean*.

When I first ran make, the system failed because of
020-creatingtoolsdir.  If the mkdir in that target were preceeded with a
- or had a -p switch, it would not fail.  If the ln in the same target
also had a leading - or had the switch -n added, it also would not fail.

I note that the only places in the Makefile that have mkdir/ln are in
020.  If the LFS book changed section 4.2 to add the switches above to have:

mkdir -vp $LFS/tools
ln -svn $LFS/tools /

everyting would be fine.

IMO, these are the only changes needed.  OTOH, the leading dashes
probably need to be added even if the above changes are made to the
development version of the book to support existing published versions.

  -- Bruce

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