jhalfs download function

Justin R. Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Mon Nov 14 20:11:51 PST 2005

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

>Now I'd like to check the files manually, but the MD5SUMS file has 300
>entries and there are 82 files in the directory (counting MD5SUMS).  Do
>you think it would be worthwhile to have (or generate) a MD5SUMS.LFS file?
I haven't looked how jhalfs does it in a few weeks, but I think it just 
greps out the necessary file from the main MD5SUMS file.  There are a 
few different MD5SUMS files in the ftp repo which could be used, but 
then more if's and versions will need to be checked.

Master:  http://ftp.lfs-matrix.net/pub/lfs/conglomeration/MD5SUMS
LFS Development:  http://ftp.lfs-matrix.net/pub/lfs/conglomeration/MD5SUMS
LFS 6.1.1:  http://ftp.lfs-matrix.net/pub/lfs/lfs-packages/6.1.1/MD5SUMS
LFS 6.1:  http://ftp.lfs-matrix.net/pub/lfs/lfs-packages/6.1/MD5SUMS


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