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Mon Nov 14 11:12:51 PST 2005

El Lunes, 14 de Noviembre de 2005 18:44, Jeremy Huntwork escribió:

> Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> > 3.  The Makefile will fail early if the lfs user or group has already
> > been created.  

I think that we could add a test to see if the lfs user, group and home dir 
are already present.

> > Some users (like me) would not like the clean-chapter4 
> > target removing the lfs user.  I note that it does not remove the lfs
> > group.

Maybe adding a "clean-chapter04-keep-lfs-user" target?

Plus, in that case we should to add another test in 022-settingenvironment to 
see if there is a previous .bashrc file and made a backup before creating the 
new one. 

And then restore that backup when running clean-chapter04-keep-lfs-user.

> Also, I think that 'userdel lfs' will get rid of the lfs group as well,
> so long as no one else has been added to that group.


> > 4.  The clean-chapter4 target will remove the lost+found directory if
> > /mnt/lfs is a separate partition as recommended by the book.  

Maybe you meant /home/lfs?

There is no "rm -rf /mnt/lfs" on the clean-* targets.

> > Overall, the jhalfs system looks quite nice.  I especially like the
> > ability to "discover" what it does fairly easily.  I can't say the same
> > thing about a C program.  I also like the fact that does not require a
> > "profile".

Many thanks :-)

I'm very happy to see book's editors playing with jhalfs.

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