Justin R. Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Sat Nov 12 13:23:17 PST 2005

Richard A Downing wrote:

>Not at the time I tried this - autoconf-2.59.tar.bz2, for instance, was freshly downloaded by jhalfs, and has md5sum: 2ce6905c3c37e7dabe456d66c16d492a but your MD5SUM file has: 1ee40f7a676b3cfdc0e3f7cd81551b5f.
Wow, strange.  I haven't touched this file in the ftp repo, I swear!  
Where does jhalfs download the files?  Still from the lfs ftp repo?  
Since the 1ee4... md5sum is correct...

1ee40f7a676b3cfdc0e3f7cd81551b5f  autoconf-2.59.tar.bz2.ftpgnuorg
1ee40f7a676b3cfdc0e3f7cd81551b5f  autoconf-2.59.tar.bz2.lfsmatrix

That is one bz2 from ftp.lfs-matrix.org and one from ftp.gnu.org 
directly (it is already a bz2, no changes made).

Dunno where that 2ce69.. one came from.


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