Corrections and suggestions for LFS-SVN

Mathieu BOIS boism at
Fri Nov 11 17:55:05 PST 2005


Thanks for your previous informations with nalfs not downloading (my msg dated 
10 November).

As I'm now beginning to be able to compile, I've susbcribed to the list, and I 
may post more often here ;-)

Why don't you write it clearly in the README of LFS-SVN profile that it 
currently can't download automatically?

And add the workaround of the wget script as a temporary solution for people 
who want to have it automatically?
And maybe add a test for each URL before doing the wget to check whether the 
file is already in the local machine repository to avoid overwriting and 
downloading and each time from your so that it saves 
bandwidth on it?

And by the way, the URLs in the script directory are not up to date.

Is there a way for one to make the changes by oneself (in svn), or should one 
post to this mailing-list for such corrections?

Here are some other corrections to make to the current LFS-SVN:

I don't know for other people, but on my machine, as I was saying in my 
previous mail, there is a problem with : the compilation fails 
because in the last step, it appears -lm/ instead of 
-lm /usr/lib/  (note that I don't know if the "/usr/lib/" is 

Here's the result of xml2-config --libs on my PC (Mandrake 10.0 community):
-lxml2 -lz -lpthread -lm

I found a way to correct it, in the configure file:
   XML2_LIB=`${XML2_CONFIG} --libs | sed -e 's/^-L\(.*\) 
   XML2_LIB="`${XML2_CONFIG} --libs | sed -e 's/^-L\(.*\) 
-lxml2.*$/\1/'` /usr/lib/"

the MD5 sig for the latest version of tcl is not good. The right one (check 
with official .tar.gz and lfs .bz2 archives) is 

the MD5 sig for the latest version of sed is not good. The right one (check 
with official .tar.gz and lfs .bz2 archives) is 

(there may have others further: I've not finished compiling...)

And some suggestions:

Add for instance this line at the beginning of the .ent and .xml files so that 
people can add commentary with more than the standard english set of 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-15"?>

add/create (?) documentation about the possibilities of the xml files, for 

_ the previous point,

_ if people want to use .tar.gz files instead of .tar.bz2 files in 
packages.ent, put <!ENTITY bash-docs-package 
"bash-doc-&bash-version;.tar.gz"> instead of <!ENTITY bash-docs-package 
"bash-doc-&bash-version;.tar.bz2"> : it will work automatically, there's 
nothing else to do.

_ if people do not want the "-g" option to be added to the packages where the 
CFLAGS are removed (binutils, gcc, ...) :
under the root of the LFS-SVN tree, do a grep variable */* and modify the 
files this way : replace
          <variable name="CFLAGS" />
          <variable name="CFLAGS">-O2</variable>
IN ONE LINE, else it is not taken into account (and maybe without spaces 
between the tags too???)

And if they do want to take the risk of passing the FLAGS to the compilation 
of these packages, commenting out the variable lines.
          <!--variable name="CFLAGS" /-->
          <!--variable name="CXXFLAGS" /-->

_ a bug that I encountered (may be to be put in troobleshooting or FAQ of the 

the compilation of gcc-4.0.2 was failing with this kind of error: "sorry, 
unimplemented:" about inline
after searching on google, I found out that 
my /usr/include/linux/compiler-gcc3.h was containing -Dinline=inline 
__attribute__((always_inline)) with was causing the error.
The solution is to delete (or move for backup) the /usr/include/{asm,linux] 
directories [in my case the ones from my Mandrake system] and replace them 
with the ones from linux-libc-headers adapted for the current kernel, as 
described in chapter 6 of LFS.


Mathieu BOIS

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