nALFS , LFS-Profile-6.1-1 and pkg users

Subhash Chandra mr.subhash at
Wed Nov 9 22:35:56 PST 2005

I'm trying to modify the LFS-Profile-6.1-1 and modify it for pkg-users.
But I get error saying no such user found.

I searched a bit and found this

Like it was said there,

I added the following to /etc/passwd file on the host system


and the following line to /etc/group host system


But I'm still getting the error

        I: Changing to user "linux-libc".
        E: User linux-libc doesn't exist.
        I: Log file stored in:
        I: /root/.nALFS/packages/libc-headers-
        E: Execution failed (1).

These are the modifications I did to the linux-libc profile in chapter 6

   [stage name="Adding the Package User"]
      [execute command="add_package_user"]

before the unpacking stage and added the following code in unpacking
stage and installing stage(only the user-/user tag to the already
existing stageinfo in 'installing')


I even tried the other method given in the bug report by using
[user]10000[/user] instead of [user]linux-libc[/user] and got the
        I: Changing to user "10000".
        E: User 10000 doesn't exist.

What am I missing here? Can somebody please help!

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