Newbie question on LFS-SVN error during runit because pkg not in local dir and nalfs does not try to download package automatically

Mathieu BOIS e35m26qz0zhlcsm at
Wed Nov 9 17:35:00 PST 2005


I'm discovering nalfs, as a "user" who wants to automatically install LFS.

Short version of my question:
Why doesn't it download the missing packages automatically?
How to configure it to do so?

Long version:
I've followed the instructions in the LFS-SVN README file.

When I launch runit and start, I've got this kind of error msg and it stops.
[...successfully copying pkgs that are already in my local folder...]
I: Executing in /mnt/dataext3/LFS-SVNpackages:                                
I:     cp bash-3.0-fixes-3.patch /mnt/lfs/tools/packages-SVN-7130             
-: cp: cannot stat `bash-3.0-fixes-3.patch': No such file or directory        
E: Copying failed.                                                            
E: Execution failed (1).                                                      

I've read somewhere in the config/ files that if we were doing a mistake in 
the local folder of packages, nalfs would download/overwrite all the packaged 
from internet.

And, as I've experienced that it's quite boring to download by hand each of 
the packages in packages.ent, I hope that nalfs is smarter than that and can 
do a lot of things automatically, and automatically downloading the packages 
it the kind of things I'm expecting from nalfs!

So, is it normal that it doesn't get the packages automatically?
What to do to allow it to do so?

Versions used:
* I'm running it on a Mandrake 10.0 community.
* I've downloaded and compiled the stable version of nalfs : 1.2.5 (by the 
way, I had to modify the files to replace  "-lm/" into 
"-lm /usr/lib/" else it was failing at the libtool step. After this 
change, it compiled OK. But maybe my problem comes from here?).
* I've downloaded and configured the latest version (7130) of lfs-svn profile 
for alfs.


Mathieu BOIS

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