[ANNOUNCE] BLFS-6.0-test1 Profile released.

Joachim Beckers jbeckers at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu May 5 02:21:34 PDT 2005

Thomas Pegg wrote:
> With the release of BLFS-6.0, the ALFS Team is proud to announce the
> first test release of the ALFS profile to accompany it. This profile is
> still considered very much beta, as it has not the widespread testing
> that it's LFS counterparts have had. It can be downloaded from the usual
> locations
> (/alfs/downloads/profiles/blfs/test/profile-BLFS-6.0-test1.tar.bz2).
> Please do test this profile, try to break it if possible and help us
> make it better.
> All comments, questions and discussion of this profile should be
> directed to the alfs-discuss mailing list.

Well, first comment: I think this ^^^^^ announcement should be put on 
the website. I'll forward it to lfs.website if no one is against that.

Also: everyone, please use this profile as much as possible. It's not 
because we consider it very much beta that it's unusable. In fact, I've 
built a basic GNOME with it without any problems. It does md5-checking, 
it has a script that downloads the packages you need, it's quite 
configurable,... Nothing should stop you from testing it, I guess. :-)

We'd really appreciate all bugreports, failures, successes and other 
kinds of input we get.


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