ncurses ./configure fails because coreutils isn't built properly

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Thu Mar 17 21:20:31 PST 2005

Joachim Beckers wrote:

> hi,
> not sure where to send this ( of alfs.discuss), followup 
> goes to
> i'm building lfs-6.0 using nALFS and the latest profile from svn. the 
> build fails in section 5.25 when ncurses is being configured, 
> complaining about sort:
> cat curses.head >curses.h
> AWK=mawk sh ./ ./Caps >>curses.h
> ./ line 60:  2003 Illegal instruction     sort -k 6 
> $DATA >$data 2>/dev/null
> ./ line 60:  2004 Illegal instruction     sort -n +5 
> $DATA >$data 2>/dev/null
> Your sort utility is broken.  Please install one that works.
> this is a know issue caused by glibc>=2.3.2 and coreutils, but it 
> shouldn't happen because there is a workaround (building coreutils 
> using "DEFAULT_POSIX2_VERSION=199209 ./configure --prefix=/tools") and 
> this workaround is in the lfs profile. hence the coreutils build in 
> section 5.16 should be ok, and sort should work as expected.
> clearly there's something going wrong. i'm thinking it has to do 
> something with the way nALFS handles environment variables, but then 
> nobody but me has ever had this problem with the profile. or is there 
> something else i've done wrong?
> joachim beckers

Illegal instruction is the key here - it's not the bug fixed by 
DEFAULT_POSIX2_VERSION.  I'm betting somehow coreutils got built with 
incorrect cflags (-march on the wrong processor, or something like 
that), and that's causing the issue.


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