ncurses ./configure fails because coreutils isn't built properly

Joachim Beckers jbeckers at
Thu Mar 17 04:49:55 PST 2005


not sure where to send this ( of alfs.discuss), followup goes 

i'm building lfs-6.0 using nALFS and the latest profile from svn. the 
build fails in section 5.25 when ncurses is being configured, 
complaining about sort:

cat curses.head >curses.h
AWK=mawk sh ./ ./Caps >>curses.h
./ line 60:  2003 Illegal instruction     sort -k 6 $DATA 
 >$data 2>/dev/null
./ line 60:  2004 Illegal instruction     sort -n +5 $DATA 
 >$data 2>/dev/null
Your sort utility is broken.  Please install one that works.

this is a know issue caused by glibc>=2.3.2 and coreutils, but it 
shouldn't happen because there is a workaround (building coreutils using 
"DEFAULT_POSIX2_VERSION=199209 ./configure --prefix=/tools") and this 
workaround is in the lfs profile. hence the coreutils build in section 
5.16 should be ok, and sort should work as expected.

clearly there's something going wrong. i'm thinking it has to do 
something with the way nALFS handles environment variables, but then 
nobody but me has ever had this problem with the profile. or is there 
something else i've done wrong?

joachim beckers

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